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Own Label and Co- Branding

With over forty years experience in sourcing the finest raw materials for our products both nationally and globally, we can ensure a consistent and reliable supply

Red Barn: Tel 01625 873187

You can have whatever label design you want!

Red Barn is the company behind many leading retailers' ranges of wild bird foods.We can create any label design you wish and with our flexible production process we can deliver cost effective own label across our entire range without any impact upon our high levels of service.

Left: An example of an own brand label design prior to printing product specific information.

​​The First Choice of Quality Retailers

Market Leading Bird Care and Wildlife Products


All of our customers are in direct contact with one of Red Barn's directors. We are large enough to ensure maximum efficiency whilst maintaining and developing quality relationships with our clients. 


We dont just provide best selling products, we provide entire retail solutions. Personalised, pre-priced labelling, contemporary and traditional style display units, banners, backdrops, full fit outs.


Personalised and Pre-Priced as Standard

All our products can be personalised with your own business name and black and white logo at no additional cost.This adds character and is a constant reminder to your customers of where they purchased the product. Our pre-pricing saves your staff hours of time and ensures simple shopping for your customers.

Left: Our standard label. Note the addition of the customer's name and pre-pricing.

Complete Product Range

We package all our bird seed mixes at our purpose built, DEFRA registered production facility meaning that quality control is monitored at all times.