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High Quality Suet Products

We supply a range of suet pellets in four flavours, suet coconuts, insect suet balls, suet blocks and suet logs. 

Quality Straights

We import the best quality straights (single ingredient foods). Peanuts, Sunflower Hearts, Black Sunflower, Peanut Chips, Niger Seeds and Mealworms.

Red Barn: Tel 01625 873187

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Standard Bird Foods

Our standard wild bird seed contains eleven ingredients whilst many of our competitors contain as few as four or five. All cleaned and packaged to order.

Our Products

Full Range of Accessories
Specialist Mixes

Robin & Blackbird Mealworm Feast, Blue Tit Mix, Honeysuckle, No Grow and Husk Free are some of our specialist mixes designed to generate greater sales.

Wild Bird Feeders

Red Barn has a very wide range of bird feeders to cater for all budgets and requirements

Singing Friend Bird feeders

Singing Friend Bird Feeders